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Monthly Coffee Morning

First Wednesday of every month we hold a coffee morning for Link Ward residents.

A chance for residents and business owners within Malvern Link to meet up, chat, swap ideas and make new friends.

Malvern Link Christmas Fete

Malvern Link Christmas Fete is a chance for Malvern Link residents and businesses to celebrate Christmas with fun and games.

This community organised event is for everyone and will welcome all residents and family to see our fantastic shops and businesses.


to the Malvern Link Ward community group – Link Up

The mission of Link Up is to encourage Malvern Link residents to socialise and shop within Link Ward.

We are a group which has been established by friends and neighbours within Link Ward. From a initial conversation between immediate neighbours, Tanya & Nick Trotman, Stuart & Eve Callister and Anne Cherry we have grown to include a wider circle of friends, business owners and church leaders all with a common motivation to combat loneliness, increase connections within our community and attempt to improve our environment by promoting a sense of community.

This could be by helping people to understand what resources are available to them locally, providing a hub for new and existing residents to find out more about local services, or to provide a venue for people to meet up and socialise on a regular basis.

We will encourage people to take on roles within the community and involve the local business community, as after all many link business owners are also residents. Using our local businesses encourages and promotes economic development and a diverse and thriving community, which benefits us all in so many ways.

Link Ward has so much to offer, we should celebrate our community and be proud to live here. It has great transport links, thriving local businesses, great community resources and lots of green spaces to remind us of the beautiful area we live in. We have a strong network of community venues, which are represented by our churches, public halls, public houses and local shops and services, all these places provide us with opportunities to interact with our local community.

Our residents are diverse and represent every age group. The basic needs of our neighbours and their wellbeing should be important to all of us. Not only will Link Up work to improve communication between the diverse groups within our community but be a point to welcome newcomers to our Ward.

While we have a presence on the internet and will use social media to try and communicate information to everyone involved we must all recognise that not everyone understands or has access to these technologies. It is more important than ever to talk to our neighbours, so if you see something on here that interest you please tell your neighbours about it and help spread the word. There is a physical hub for the group as well, based at the Bakery public house, which is a central point of the ward. Landlords Sam and Mark are happy to support their local community by being involved in Link Up.

Once again welcome to LinkUp and we look forward to seeing you out and about in the Link.